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Trattoria Italiana

Brian Massie

Salute Trattoria Italiana by Chef Luke Palladino is located at the upscale Red Rock Resort and Casino, right off the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant features an intimate dining room and patio with a display kitchen and antipasti bar for a truly dynamic dining experience.

Inspired by the traditional cuisine of Southern Italy, dishes include the iconic bistecca alla Fiorentina, to table prepared spaghetti alla chitarra “cacio e pepe”. The wine list boasts the finest of Italian favorites to the eclectic and adventurous for more discerning palettes. At the bar, guests can enjoy an innovative cocktail program created from only the freshest of ingredients and juices.

Luke Palladino

Executive Chef

Chef Luke Palladino revamps the concept at the core of Salute, expanding the experience of Italian dining with his signature flair for the artistic-yet-refined.

Chef Palladino specializes in the food of his heritage like no other. His training includes four years of cooking and living in Italy, truly immersed within his beautiful culture. Luke is an accomplished veteran of the Italian cuisine scene, with years of experience under his belt as owner, partner, and executive chef in productions such as Atlantic City’s “Specchio” and New Jersey’s “Luke Palladino Seasonal Italian Cooking”.

More locally in the United States, Palladino has been seasoned under some of the most renowned chefs in America – such as the maestro of handcrafted ingredients Paul Bertolli, as well as celebrity chef and restaurateur Emeril Lagasse.

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