Five Cocktails You Should Try

Five Cocktails You Should Try

Whether you prefer a sweet vodka concoction, a salty tequila temptation or a classic bourbon Manhattan, when it comes to cocktails, everyone has their own unique preferences. While some are strictly fans of old classics, and others love new and inventive creations, right now we are in the middle of mixology resurgence, which means new and exciting cocktails are finding their way to bars and restaurants of all types.

The great thing about a great cocktail is that you can enjoy it in virtually any setting, whether you are staying home with your latest Netflix obsession or spending a night out on the town, there are cocktails out there for virtually any occasion.

If you are looking to add to your current cocktail repertoire, here are five new and exciting cocktails that you should try. These drinks may push you outside your normal cocktail box, but they are definitely worth a sip, or two. 

Old Fashioned

     1. The Old Fashioned

Taste aside, there is something about ordering an Old Fashioned at a bar that seems to transport you back in time. This iconic drink isn’t exactly something new, but it is one that has just enough sweetness and a little bit of citrus to balance out the harsher whiskey flavor, if you aren’t a whiskey fan. The best part about Old Fashioned is right now bartenders are creating new exciting twists on the Old Fashioned introducing new fruits and new flavors to the mix that have this classic drink tasting like something entirely new. 

Singapore Sling

      2. Singapore Sling

If you want to start an argument among bartenders, ask them what the correct way to make a Singapore Sling is. There is much debate over the exact recipe, but a classic Singapore Sling is going to include gin, some type of citrus, soda and cherry brandy. The only other thing that people can seem to agree on with this fun gin cocktail is that it is delicious. It seems that no matter what your preference or normal taste, this cocktail is one that is always sure to please.

Mint Julep

       3.  Mint Julep

Now that the warm weather season, it is also Mint Julep season. Often hailed as one of the best warm weather cocktails, this refreshing cocktail is made with bourbon, muddled mint and simply syrup and is served over ice. Most people know this drink as being the beverage of choice at the Kentucky Derby, where more than 80,000 of these cocktails are served every year. It’s one of those drinks that takes a little time to make on your own, but that is sure to delight even the pickiest of cocktail drinkers.

Salty Dog Cocktail

       4. Salty Dog

The Salty Dog is another cocktail that is perfect to start sipping on once the weather gets a little warmer. The key is to salt the rim just like you would a Margarita and then combine grapefruit vodka, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and maraschino liquor together. It is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy with just a hint of salt and is one of those cocktails that you can easily mix up at your next event.

Orange Crush Cocktail

        5. The Orange Crush

If the Salty Dog just got you in the mood for citrus, then the Orange Crush is soon to whet your whistle. This drink is an East Coast favorite and is made with fresh squeezed oranges, orange vodka, triple sec and a splash of soda. Of course, as the crush continued to gain in popularity, people have made their own unique versions of the beloved drink, adding different sodas to the recipe, replacing the vodka for whiskey in “Irish Crushes” and even trying lemon, grapefruit or watermelon crushes for something completely unique.

Even if they don’t feature your liquor of choice these cocktails are sure to delight. Order them at your favorite hot spot or gather the ingredients and try them one night at home to see which one wets your whistle.