Fun Facts in Honor of National Martini Day

Fun Facts in Honor of National Martini Day

Whether you love it shaken or stirred, dirty or neat, if you are a fan of martinis, then get ready to celebrate on June 19th. This is because June 19th is National Martini Day. In honor of this holiday which celebrates one of the most iconic cocktails of all times, here are some fun facts about martinis that will get you in the spirit for this holiday.

1.Which Came First, The Martini or the Martini Glass?

This may come as a surprise to most, but the martini glass actually came before the martini. Before the drink was invented, the martini glass was actually used for a number of other cocktails. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, many bartenders today actually serve martinis in coupettes, not traditional martini glasses.

2.James Bond’s Martini Order Can Cause Some Controversy

Most people know the classic line of James Bond ordering his martini’s shaken, not stirred. However, this isn’t the standard way to order a martini. In fact, most bartenders prefer to make their martinis shaken as to not over-dilute the drink. While most bartenders will still make a martini in this way, most experts believe you will get a better tasting martini that is stirred.

3.The Most Expensive Martini in the US is Really Expensive

A bar in New York City actually has a martini that has earned the crown as the most expensive drink in NYC. This drink is known as the Martini on the Rock and it is served at the Algonquin Hotel. It comes with a diamond in it, and you need to order three days in advanced and have an appointment with a jewelry maker first. The drink can cost up to $15,000 depending on what diamond you choose.

4.Is it Gin or Is it Vodka?

Most martini fans love to battle over whether martinis are best with vodka or gin. While vodka martinis may be relatively popular, gin is the original, and the correct way to enjoy a martini. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still substitute vodka in for the clear spirit, or order half gin, half vodka, which is also known as a Vesper.

National Martini Day

5.A Lot Went into Designing the Martini Glass

If you think that the martini glass is just meant to look fancy, think again. There is actually a lot that goes into the design of this glass. The slim stem is designed to make sure that your hand doesn’t touch the area where the drink sits, so the warmth of your hand won’t make the drink flat. The wide-open top is meant to help the gin’s flavor and smell spread and to display the olive garnish that is supposed to be inside. As for the cone shape, it is meant to make sure the ingredients of the cocktail don’t separate.

6.Martinis Are Meant to Be Small

The ideal way to serve a martini in a martini glass is by making it a 4 oz drink. However, many bars will serve martinis in 6 or 8 oz servings so that the glass doesn’t look too empty.

7.Salute Hosts a National Martini Day Party!

Salute, a Las Vegas Italian Restaurant, loves martinis and actually has a National Martini Day Party on Monday June 19th. There is a complimentary Skyy Vodka and Bulldog Gin open bar from 7-8 PM and $5 martinis and peronis all evening long. Talk about a celebration.