Italian Desserts to Satisfy Any Craving

Italian Desserts to Satisfy Any Craving

If you are craving something sweet, then the right dessert can make all of the difference in how you satisfy that sweet tooth. There are so many different types and styles of dessert, but if you are really looking for something special then you may want to consider some traditional Italian desserts to satisfy those cravings. If you aren’t already familiar with some of the sweet treats that are part of traditional Italian cuisine, then here is an overview of some of the most popular Italian desserts so you can choose the best one for you.


Nothing say Italian dessert quite like a cannoli. This is one of the most iconic types of traditional Italian dessert and it is extremely popular not only among Italians but across the globe. This delectable little pastry is made with ricotta cheese and features cinnamon, chocolate and a crispy outer shell. Depending on the chef, you may also find nuts, candied oranges and other sweet treats inside your cannolis. These are popular both at restaurants and in bakeries and are the perfect size if you want to each just one, or indulge in several. Just be careful they are so sweet and addicting they can be easy to binge on!

This is dessert is perfect if you are craving something rich and creamy.



Tiramisu is known for being a romantic after-dinner treat and it is the perfect compliment to a nice after dinner coffee. This dessert is made with mascarpone, espresso, lady fingers and typically cinnamon or a little chocolate shaving. It is a lighter desert and great if you don’t like things that are too dark and heavy. Everyone has a slightly different rendition of tiramisu, but you can expect it to be light, sweet, fluffy and delicious.

This dessert is perfect if you are craving something sweet but not to overwhelming.

Gelati and Sorbetti

You may know these two terms better as gelato and sorbet. This is a traditional Italian treat similar to ice cream, but not as thick and creamy. They are both served frozen and come in a variety of flavors sure to satisfy any appetite. If you are craving ice cream but want something with an Italian twist, then gelato or sorbet is right for you. Plus, you can try all different types of flavors no matter what you may be craving. Just look out, once you try the Italian twist on traditional ice cream, you may never want to go back.

This dessert is perfect if you are craving frozen ice cream.



If you like coffee, then the traditional Italian dessert known as affogato is for you. This dessert’s name literally means “drowned” because it is a scoop of gelato, sorbet or lemonchello dunked in a shot of hot espresso. At traditional Italian restaurants you will find it on the dessert menu not on the drink menu and most establishments will make sure to add some extra sweet treats on top such as crumbled cookies or chocolate pieces to really seal the deal.

This dessert is perfect if you love coffee but want a sweet twist on your after dinner espresso.

Keep these Italian desserts in mind next time you come into your favorite Summerlin restaurant, Salute have a craving for something sweet. If you are feeling bored with your traditional everyday desserts they may be just what you were looking for to satisfy your latest craving.