Everything You Need to Know About Truffles

Everything You Need to Know About Truffles

Known for being one of the world’s most beloved ingredients, there are very few food items that can compare to the taste, or the fan following of truffles. In fact, some people will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for certain truffles, just to get a hint of that truly delectable taste.

Truffles are one of the most unique foods on the planet. To avoid any confusion, the truffles we are talking about are not chocolates or the fancy packaged candies that you can find with the ganache center. These truffles are actually types of fungi that grow underground. The truffle itself is the fruiting body of a type of subterranean fungus.

Truffles are a truly interesting form of fungus and in honor of these delectable little treats, here are some facts about truffles that are sure to wet your appetite.

Truffles Are Some of the World’s Most Expensive Foods

Most truffles actually can’t be cultivated so when they are available, harvesters can charge a pretty penny for them. Truffles can, on average cost around $850 per pound or more. Some of the world’s most coveted truffles, known as white winter truffles come from Alba, Italy and typically fetch $2,500 per pound or more.


There is a Reason Truffles are So Expensive

Truffles are difficult to grow, and even more difficult to harvest. It requires a certain type of environment and a great deal of summer rain in order for most truffles to grow. In fact, the only real way they can be harvested is through the help of specially trained pigs or dogs that have been trained to pick up the scent of these truffles. This is what makes them so rare and valuable. They are highly seasonable and only grow in certain areas of the world, so you may not always be able to find fresh truffle in abundance.

Truffles Are Good for You

Truffles aren’t just delicious, they can actually be good for you too. Truffles are filled with antioxidants and have a hearty source of fiber—meaning you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in truffles from time-to-time. Some even claim that truffles are an aphrodisiac.

It’s Best to Eat Truffles ASAP

The fresher the truffles the better, so the sooner you can eat them after they have been picked, the bolder and more delicious the taste will be. When you do get your hands on some truffles make sure to eat them quickly as you only have a short window of time where they will stay aromatic and flavorful. When you do need to store your truffles, make sure that you store them properly and consider storing them with your eggs in the refrigerator—it can actually help your eggs taste better.


Be Careful About Truffle Products

There is a great deal of debate in the culinary world regarding truffle products and truffle oils. If you are looking for a true truffle experience, it is always best to go with the real thing, instead of just truffle flavors. This is because truffle products won’t have the same aroma or flavor as the real thing—it is just too difficult to bottle up, so while it may be rich and flavorful, it won’t compare to the taste you get with real truffles.

They Make a Delicious Addition to Any Meal 

Perhaps the most important thing about truffles is that they taste delicious! Truffles can make a wonderful addition to any dish and bring a very rich, unique flavor to your meal. There are so many ways that you can add truffles to meals, whether it’s using truffle oil to cook with, or adding truffles to pasta to bring in some flavor.

Our personal favorite, of course, is truffle ravioli, which seamlessly blends the rich tastes of truffles with traditional Italian flavors for a flavor that is entirely unique and entirely irresistible. 

Come in to your favorite Summerlin restaurant, Salute and enjoy these tasty treats!

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